6th Birthday

Today my girls turn 6!! 6 years already! This, for me, is a milestone. Once talking with the girls teacher (we were still in Portugal back then), she told us how the kids and future grownups (of course) personality was formed, mainly, until they were 3, some more until they were 6 and then they were a little on their own. Not that there is nothing more to be done with their education, totally the opposite, however the founding stones of their personality are laid.

The girls are there now and I hope we as parents have done (and still be doing) a good job!

Hear from a few people how kids change around this age and I’m realizing that! I can see the changes already (please don’t say I’m crazy!). I always educated the girls to be independent, to do things on their own, but now they started to show that they really want to be more independent, like “I don’t need to walk holding your hand”!

I found myself, holding and hugging them longer or holding and feeling those little hands and thinking that soon they will not want me to hug, hold hands or kiss them in front of their friends. Some of their friends, especially boys, already do that. I think I’m lucky for now 🙂

Will they stop believing in fairies and magical creatures? Will that make them loose that sparkle in their eyes? I don’t want that to happen…

For now they still tell me how much they love the clothes, cakes and biscuits that I make for them also they believe that I can see what they are doing even when I am not in the same room, but they will stop believing that mum is extraordinary with some kind of magical superpower and they will realize that I’m just a mum. Although I consider that being mum is all that and more, for kids, especially of a certain age, that is not true.

Of course I don’t wish them to stop growing. I love to see them learning new things and making new conquers. I just wish they wouldn’t lose the good things they have now. Is that asking for too much? I wish they could keep with them that sparkle in their eyes, the cheeky smile, the unstoppable curiosity, the kindness and the sweetness they have now.

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Happy 6th Birthday cheeky girls 🙂

10 thoughts on “6th Birthday

  1. Como passa rápido… 6 anos… Lembrar-me do nascimento deles é um misto de emoções muito forte… São lágrimas nos olhos mas também saudades. As nossas bebés viraram umas lindas princesas e o João um menino muito querido… Tenho saudades…


    • fairiesbubblesco

      ❤ é realmente um misto de emoções muito forte! Os nosso bebés estão a crescer… Tenho gostado de todas as fases, cada uma tem a sua particularidade, mas também sinto saudades deles bebés. Aproveita bem agora 😉


  2. Muitos parabéns para as tuas princesas. Tenho a certeza que vão continuar a ser crianças maravilhosas. Percebo os teus receios porque também vejo a Madalena (que faz 6 para o ano) a crescer imenso, mas acho que os laços que estabelecemos com elas não se perdem. 😉


    • fairiesbubblesco

      Obrigada 🙂 Espero que sim, que o que lhes estamos a transmitir fique com elas. Criar e educar filhos é ao mesmo tempo fantástico e assustador!! Mas muito bom 🙂


    • fairiesbubblesco

      Obrigada Soraia 🙂 Espero que sim, que estejamos a fazer um bom trabalho e que sejam sempre as meninas da mamã (eu também sou, da mamã e do papá, continuo a falar com eles todos os dias 😉 )


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