Half-term, Halloween, Bonfire and time flies

This week the girls didn’t had school because it was half-term so I had to keep them busy and that was not always an easy job.

We had a weekend out, went to Legoland a couple of times (we love that place as much as we do Lego), went shopping with only one of the girls (that doesn’t happen often), did trick or treat, had great fun and the bags full of sweets. To finish we went to see the firework.

Legoland_01.11.2014 (2)

For Halloween we had one of the girls’ friends for tea, before going out for trick or treat and we did cupcakes that the girls decorate with themed gums. Halloween is new for us as we didn’t used to celebrate it until last year, when we moved to UK, so this year we went a little further in the neighbourhood and found out how much it is celebrated in here. I was amazed with some of the houses decorations!! One of them was so good that little lady M didn’t even went close to ask for sweets!

One thing I found curious was the pumpkin in the doorway. I knew pumpkins were used for decoration, but I didn’t knew they were used as a signal! So the girls were always looking for the doorways with the pumpkins because that meant they could ask for sweets and those without were not to be disturbed.

DSCF2187 (2a)

Another celebration that we didn’t use to have, is the Bonfire. Despite the origin of this celebration not being a very beautiful one, the way it is celebrated is quite pretty. There are fireworks everywhere, but we went to the Ascot Racecourse for an amazing firework show and it had the plus of some percentage of the profits went for charity and local schools. We did have a great time, the girls had fun (but were a little scared) and the fairy even got a new wand!

Ascot Firework


With all this I only had time to start new dresses for the girls (when I say start I meant really the start and no more than that) and made a pencil case each from the book “Intemporels pour Enfant”. This was something that should have done a month ago, but well now is better than never, right? The girls picked the fabrics, I and Little lady M went shopping together to get the buttons, pencils, erasers and those cute scissors, all chosen by her. This might sound something very normal, but for us it is not. I usually avoid taking the girls shopping and even less often have the opportunity to spend time with only one of the girls and give her some extra attention (like being an only child for a couple of hours). We both loved the afternoon but in the end she was saying how much she was missing her sister (they have a funny relationship). Now I have to make up Little lady F or I will be in trouble!!


This week I also had this book in my mail 🙂 I bought it after read this review and it has some really cute projects that I want to make. Look at the white blouse, how lovely! And the blouses/dress for mum and daughter matching!

6 thoughts on “Half-term, Halloween, Bonfire and time flies

  1. Por aqui o brinquedo favorito são Legos! (Saiem à mãe. 🙂 ) Adorava ir com eles à Legoland. Não sabia que havia uma por aí! Se calhar mudamos o rumo… 😉 Os estojos ficaram super giros! E esse livro novo também está na minha wishlist… 🙂


    • fairiesbubblesco

      Sim, aqui há uma Legoland e as crianças adoram ir lá! Tem uma área com exposição de miniaturas de monumentos e edifícios de vários países em Lego e parque de diversões 😉
      Do livro gostei mesmo muito. Já me vejo a fazer (ou pelo menos tentar) algumas coisas 🙂


  2. Ficaram um amor! Eu também fiz estojos e lancheiras no inicio do ano (mas ainda não coloquei no blog) – Foi o primeiro ano que fiz e confesso que não esperava que tivessem eles gostassem tanto 🙂


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