Weekend by the seaside

On Thursday, half-term started and we need to keep the girls busy for a week! Besides, dad is a frequent scuba diver, so this weekend we all came to Portland (UK) so that dad could dive and we could enjoy seaside. The weather was not too bad and by that I mean without rain, so we did enjoy some time outside.

Once we were coming to the seaside I thought the girls could use some nautical look outfit 🙂 The truth is that they don’t really need any more of that, because I love stripes and they already have plenty, but I really wanted to try the Sailboat skirt (the name says it all, right?), from Oliver + S.

The reason why I wanted to try this pattern is because from those I already saw, I liked the way they fit and that is the big problem I have with my girls and the skirts, the way they fit (or they don’t). Despite being careful with the choice of the pattern I didn’t got it right. The pattern is great and I really like this skirt and how it turned out, but didn’t fit very well on my girls in the waist. My girls are 5 (almost 6) and I did a size 4 for little lady M and size 5 for little lady F, but I should have done a size 3 lengthened to 4 for little lady M and a size 4 lengthened to 5 for little lady F (they are tiny!). Next time I’ll know!! Yes, there will be more of these skirts, because I really like them and I have more of this fabric but instead of blue in burgundy, which I also like for fall/winter.

DSCF2163 (2)

DSCF2167 (2)

DSCF2159 (2)

Anyway, the girls didn’t complain at all and had lots of fun in them. The skirts were good enough to play, run and even ride a motorcycle on the carousel.

DSCF2126 (2)

DSCF2123 (2)

DSCF2138 (2)

DSCF2140 (2)

DSCF2151 (2)

DSCF2155 (2a)

I guess I could have those quiet and well-behaved little girls, right? Well, I could, but that would not be the same fun (or challenging). They are happy and I am happy with that 🙂

 DSCF2177 (2)

DSCF2178 (2)

We even went to a fun fair and the girls got a ride on the carrousel and won a prize each at the “fish a duck”! They were so pleased because it was the first time that they really fished it and not a grownup! It’s amazing how such a simple thing can make them so happy!

IMG_1184 (2)

IMG_1190 (2)

12 thoughts on “Weekend by the seaside

  1. Adorei!! E obrigada! Ando à procura de moldes de saias – curiosamente não há muitos… – para fazer para as minhas filhas e este é muito bom! (como todos os moldes da Oliver+S, right? 😉 ) E aquelas riscas estão perfeitas!!


    • fairiesbubblesco

      Obrigada 🙂
      Eu gosto muito deste modelo de saia e acho que as riscas ficavam a combinar com o nome e com o modelo 😉
      E sim, os moldes Oliver+S são muito bons. Aprendo sempre algo, o que para mim é optimo!


  2. Tão giras – as saias e as modelos 🙂
    Eu também gosto imenso deste molde Oliver+S, mas também tenho alguma dificuldade em “acertar” no tamanho certo para a minha filha (fica quase sempre curto).


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