Good night, sleep tight

This was a really necessary garment for the girls. All their pyjamas were turning into capris and ¾ sleeves!! So, they urgently needed new sleepwear and a couple more are in the “to do” list.

This fabric was bought in Portugal during the summer holidays and I loved it as soon as I saw it. I was with my mother in law and she also liked it and bought it telling me that it was for nightgowns for the girls and here it is!

DSCF1929 (2)

DSCF1931 (2)

DSCF1936 (2)

It was quite simple to do but I like the way it turned out. I took the pattern from the book “Intemporels pour enfants”, but omitted the ruffle at the bottom, instead I added 2 in and lace. I did size 4 for little lady M and size 6 for little lady F.

She can’t help it!! Photos mean ballet!

DSCF1942 (3)

DSCF1943 (2)

They really loved their new nightgown, they said it’s very cosy and already requested some more 🙂

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