Teddy’s Party!

A couple of months ago little lady F asked me to bake a cake, because she wanted to give Mickey Mouse a party!! So, I did the cake.

Last week it was little lady M turn to ask for a cake, this time for her Teddy Bear. She requested a carrot cake! I know this is one of their favourites, but this time I wanted to try a different one.

I usually bake a simple carrot cake with chocolate icing and it’s very appreciated at our home. When I moved to the UK and tried carrot cake, it was very different from the one I was used to. It had spices and nuts, the taste was so different but good, very good and since then I tried to find a recipe of it.

So, when little lady M asked me for a carrot cake I thought it was about time to try it. I took the recipe from here and like it says it’s super moist!

I kept as much as possible true to the recipe but I didn’t had yogurt, so I replaced it for cream. I also omitted the “finely” from the finely grated carrots, but next time I will make it, so that the cake will became even moister. Another thing I’ll do is to wait for the cake to cool completely, because of the girls impatience I didn’t allowed it to cool completely and the frosting melted a little as it’s visible in the photos.

DSCF1891 (2)

DSCF1906 (2)

The final result (unfortunately) was not much appreciated by the girls but in compensation it was greatly appreciated by the grownups! Anyway, the girls had fun making a party for Teddy and I think he had a good time as well 🙂

DSCF1895 (2)

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