The start of a new season!

It took me more time than I expected to start sewing after the long (and good!) summer holidays. But finally, this week, I was able to start. I wanted to have done a couple of sewing projects before, but I opted to do something that can be worn both during fall and winter.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m new to sewing and all outfits I’ve done before were for summer, so for that reason no sleeves were needed. This were the first sleeves I’ve attached to a garment 🙂

I choose the pattern Playtime dress/tunic from Oliver + S, because from the patterns I’ve done so far (I know, not too many!) the ones from Oliver + S are the ones that provide me more information and tips for the finishing and to get a better final look.

I decided to go for a tunic instead of the dress so that can be worn with shorts while it is not too cold and with trousers during cold weather, but I must say that a dress is also in the “to do” list.

I choose not to place the pockets although the girls would’ve loved it, to collect stones, leaves and all kind of treasures for their collection. I did size 5 for both girls, who are almost 6, but I found it a bit long for them, especially for little lady M, so next time I will’ve to shorten a bit. The good part is there is a LOT of room to grow!

So here is the final result for little lady F and I can tell you that she was pleased with it.




As for little lady M, despite not being in pink she appreciated. I found size 5 tunic length almost good for a dress for her!! So when I’ll go for the dress I’ll just add one or two inches. Note: when I ask her to take a photo she almost always starts to dance ballet!



They were particularly happy with the fabric choice, because both I and dad have shirts with a very similar print and they wanted to go matching 🙂



Yesterday we went for a walk in London, so here they are wearing their new tunics. They wanted to watch the horses.


And trying to decide which way to go on the tube map. My girls love maps. Whenever they see a map, they want it especially now that they are learning about that subject in school!


I enjoyed very much this pattern and as a beginner I found it easy to follow plus the hints are always helpful to get a best finish. The fabric was bought in Portugal during the holidays with the new projects already in mind.

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