The start!

So, here I am trying to tell why I’m starting a blog!

I am Portuguese and used to live in Portugal, until one year ago when I joined my husband in the UK, where, for some time, he was already working. This was a BIG turnaround in my life. With me came our kids, two girls (aged 4 at the time) and for them it was a HUGE turnaround as well!

From a very busy life, working and taking care of the girls I switch to a stay at home mummy. This was not always easy for me but, having the chance, I wanted to enjoy my kids and spent more time with them. Also they would need some extra help to settle at school! So, I decided that I could also “invest” some time doing things I enjoyed but didn’t had time before (like baking) and try to learn some new ones (sewing and diving).

Why now? Well, why not! It’s September, a month of starts. The girls started year 1 and I will start something new as well!

This will be the place where I will share my “experiments” and adventures.

Hope that those who visit this blog will enjoy it, leave a comment, share some tips and make it a little better. I believe that we always have something new to learn and I, for sure, have a lot!

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